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Staffing and Employment AgencyYour Strategic Alliance
For  Staffing  Success

Increasing project demands and corporate profitability require a skilled, safety is job oneproject and safety centered workforce.  Advanced Technical Staffing Solutions recruits, screens and places the regions most engaged, eager and experienced employees. 

As the employer's staffing agency, we adapt workforce requirements to project demands, for projects of all sizes.

Advanced Technical Staffing Solutions - The Employers Agency

For The
job seeker

Finding the right job with the right employer starts with self-awareness.  Apply for employment with us.

Finding the Right Job Starts with Self Assessment

The Employers 

We understand the employers' challenge of recruiting, screening, and employee administration.  Let us handle it!

Make us Your Preferred Staffing Agency

On the Job

So!  You applied for employment through Advanced Technical Staffing Solutions. You have a GREAT job!  Now what?

Job Strategies for the Preferred Employee

Legal Compliance 
for employers 

Recruiting, screening, management, and employment law!  Our legal compliance expert is our strategic ally. 

Strategic Human Resource Consulting