Job Seeker Strategy

The best strategy for job seekers is to treat job search as a full-time job. Employ yourself as the sales and marketing person to sell yourself. Be engaged, eager, positive, and present yourself as an asset any employer would want on their team!

The surest way to employment is through self assessment and building an informed and realistic job search strategy. Self awareness and preparation is the bridge to employment.

Build Your Qualifications

1) Evaluate Your Skills
2) Revise and Update your Resume
3) Develop a Personal Elevator Pitch

Evaluate Your Thinking

1) Is your Attitude a Positive Attitude
2) Settle Down to the Task
3) Fit your Job Search to Your Skills

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

1) Prepare for a behavioral interview
2) Be prepared for open ended questions. Thoughtful answers reveal an ability
to think before speaking
3) Research the company
4) Research the job skill requirements
5) Tailor-fit your resume
6) Be mindful of of your social media profile.
Your profile you should be one that an
employer will find informative, and positive.

Start the Job Search

1) Use your Network, build a new network, cold call on prospective employers selectively
2) Volunteer Your Time

The Interview

1) Dress for success, and appropriately.
2) Be prepared. Preparation conveys a confident, assured, and comfortable presence, relax
3) Leave all electronic devices out of the interview
4) Arrive for the interview a few minutes early
5) Make direct eye contact and use a firm handshake

Review the Interview

1) Send a follow-up letter or email
2) Review your interview with yourself
3) What could you have done better
4) Prepare for a follow up interview
5) Keep searching, until you have a job offer