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ATSS Engineering - Nashville, TN

ATSS Engineering, LLC is an engineering employment agency with metropolitan locations along the southeastern region and in north Alabama serving employers and job seekers in the temporary placement, temp to perm, and permanent placement markets. We are excited to offer job opportunities in the Nashville, Tennessee market to better serve our clients throughout the southern region.

Nashville is an area rich in history and a rapidly growing market that is attractive to many businesses. We are excited to offer our services to the clients within that area and to better serve the southern region.


Our Recruiting Team

Our experienced recruiting specialists are prepared and eager to assist employers and employees in metropolitan areas across the United States from our North Alabama, and Greater Gulf Coast area office locations. Professional skills in engineering, project management, oil production, accounting, and information technology are always in high demand. Other high demand skills include Marine technical, industrial, as well as supervisory, administrative, and production positions.

Industrial, Chemical, Civil & Mechanical Engineering
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Automation Engineers, Electrical Engineers & IT Professionals
Quality Control, Instrumentation, Drafting & Design
Inspection, Estimation, Project Management & Engineering
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